Summer Insect Spraying


No MosquitoOn Tuesday, July 8th, weather permitting, a contractor will be spraying the first of six insect adulticide applications, around the front and back of the Liberty Lakes Condo Association units. Subsequent insect adulticide applications will then take place every other Tuesday afterward…July 22nd, August 5th, August 19th, September 2nd, and September 16th. These applications are primarily for mosquito population control, but should help control other insect populations as well. Each application will last 7-10 days, with residuals lasting up to 21 days.

The insect adulticide application is completely safe for humans, pets, and plants. However the the contractor does ask to use caution when walking any pets for 30-45 minutes immediatly following the application, as the application does need some time to settle and dry.

The six applications should be sufficient to control insect populations, especially mosquitos, for the rest of the summer so we can enjoy the outdoors.

Update July 7, 2014: During the morning hours tomorrow, July 8th, the contractor will be spraying insect adulticide around the front and back of units.