Welcomes & Goodbyes


As was announced at our board meeting last night, we are happy to welcome Jodi Riegel to the LLCA Board. In the wake of Ryan’s resignation, Jodi volunteered to join, and she will serve as the LLCA Board Secretary moving forward.

We also announced that, Arhlene Pope, has resigned her position as the LLCA Board Secretary. Arhlene and her family have moved out of the LLCA community, and our by-laws state that board members must be homeowners living in the community. So we would like to thank Arhlene for her service to the LLCA community.

However, Arhlene’s departure from the LLCA Board means that a board seat is open that needs to be filled. If you are interested in serving on the LLCA Board, please contact us via the LLCA Board Contact Form on our website. This board seat will likely be the Director position, as the LLCA Board re-determined positions last night with the appointment of Jodi to the LLCA Board.

We would like to fill the open board position as soon as possible, but we would also like to give any interested parties in the community time to volunteer. So the LLCA Board will be accepting volunteers to fill the vacation board seat through Friday, August 1st. If you have any questions, as always, feel free to contact the board via our website.