Driveway Asphalt Repairs [UPDATED]


AsphaltOn Monday, September 8th, J&J Pavement Repairs will begin asphalt pavement repairs in Liberty Lakes (weather permitting of course). They will begin on the northern end of Glacier Way on Monday, then work south down Glacier Way and onto Cattail Court.

Notices are being posted today for those who will be immediately affected by the repair work. Per the repair schedule, the following units that are in need of asphalt repairs will be affected next week…

  • 2930 Glacier Way A-F
  • 2920 Glacier Way A-F
  • 2910 Glacier Way A-D
  • 2900 Glacier Way A-F
  • 2880 Glacier Way C-D
  • 2870 Glacier Way A-F
  • 2860 Glacier Way A-F

Those units are scheduled for inspection on Wednesday, and paving on Thursday, September 11th. However, with (possibly severe) storms in the forecast on Wednesday, paving of these units may be delayed until Friday, September 12th as the ground will need some time to dry before paving can occur.

[UPDATE: September 9, 2014 at 3:12pm] With those (possibly severe) storms in the forecast on Wednesday, on Thursday, September 11th, J&J Pavement Repairs will being asphalt excavation work (as that piece is not affected by the wet conditions) on the following units…

  • 2850 Glacier Way A-D
  • 2840 Glacier Way C-F
  • 2830 Glacier Way C-F
  • 2800 Cattail Court A-F

J&J Pavement Repairs will probably be working in the neighborhood on Saturday, September 13th, to ensure that the paving project is finished by the end of next week. So if you are out and about the neighborhood this weekend, please be mindful.

The week of Monday, September 15th, J&J Pavement Repairs will see inspections and paving for those units excavated on Thursday, September 11th (listed above). Additionally, excavation, inspections, and paving will take place on the following units…

  • 2810 Cattail Court A-B, E-F
  • 2815 Cattail Court A-D
  • 2820 Cattail Court A-D
  • 2835 Cattail Court A-D

All paving is scheduled to be completed by Friday, September 19th.