LLCA Summer 2015 Projects


Even though some white stuff fell from the skies recently, warmer weather is just around the corner. Once the weather does turn, several community maintenance and enhancement projects will kick off. We have no solid schedules yet, but as information becomes available, will be posting here on our website, and on the messages boards in the community.

Asphalt_RoadDriveway Asphalt Replacement & Repairs

Last summer, the asphalt driveways of 70 units around the LLCA community were replaced. This summer, the 86 driveways that were not replaced are scheduled for replacement this summer. So if your driveway was not replaced last year, it will be replaced this year. Once a schedule for the asphalt replacement is confirmed, more information will be posted on our website, and notices will be posted by the paving company for those who will be affected.

Landscape Replacement & Enhancements

Throughout the spring, summer, and even into the autumn, we will be continuing our efforts to beautify the community by replacing dead landscaping that was identified during our autumn community walk-through. As this project must be scheduled in phases, working around the driveway asphalt repairs, weather events, and our contractor’s schedule, we request your patience as this work is completed from April, and possibly into November.

No MosquitoInsect Spraying

As winter slowly slides away, residents want to get outdoors. Unfortunately, the bugs and moquitos can make being outdoors rather unpleasant. However, due to the positive feed back we received after last year’s spraying, as it did seem to have a positive impact and reduct the number of insect buzzing around the community, we have once again contracted to have insect adulticide sprayed throughout the community.

Once we have a schedule of adulticide application, we will update the community, so keep an eyes on our website, and message boards for more information.

As a reminder, the insecticide application is completely safe for humans, pets, and plants. However the contractor does ask to use caution when walking any pets for 30-45 minutes immediately following, as the application does need some time to settle and dry.

Behr_ST-122Deck Maintenance & Staining

As a reminder, deck maintenance is the responsibility of the homeowner…this includes any repairs, as well as staining. While the LLCA Board recommends that decks be stained yearly, it is only required every two-years per the LLCA Rules & Regulations and By-Laws.

For those homeowners with a deck, more information can be found here: Deck Staining & Color Options