Driveway Asphalt Repairs 2015


AsphaltPlease note that while asphalt repairs are being done on your unit,  you will be unable to drive over the affected area. This will require vehicles to be parked on the street during the repairs. The LLCA has contacted the Wauconda Police Department, and requested overnight parking on Glacier Way and Cattail Court through June 12th. We have been told that no parking tickets will be issued during that time.

Here is the schedule of the work that will be done over the coming weeks…

Wednesday, May 27th – Friday, May 29th

  • 2940 Glacier Way A-D NOTE: Unit D and the shared approach will be repaired at a date TBD.
  • 2890 Glacier Way A-D
  • 2880 Glacier Way A-B
  • 2875 Glacier Way A-F
  • 2865 Glacier Way A-D

Saturday, May 30th – Tuesday, June 3rd

  • 2850 Glacier Way E-F
  • 2855 Glacier Way A-D
  • 2845 Glacier Way A-D
  • 2840 Glacier Way A-B
  • 2835 Glacier Way A-D
  • 2830 Glacier Way A-B

Wednesday, June 4th – Saturday, June 6th

  • 2825 Glacier Way A-F
  • 2820 Glacier Way A-D
  • 2815 Glacier Way A-F
  • 2805 Glacier Way A-F

Monday, June 8th – Wednesday, June 10th

  • 2805 Cattail Ct. A-D
  • 2825 Cattail Ct. A-D
  • 2850 Cattail Ct. A-D
  • 2840 Cattail Ct. A-F
  • 2830 Cattail Ct. A-F
  • 2810 Cattail Ct. C-D

Please note that this schedule is weather dependent, and rain/storms may change the schedule. Should weather impact the paving schedule, we will do our best to update the schedule.